Caroline Sim Homeopath

Caroline Sim

Homoeopath and Counsellor
Quantum QXCI practitioner,
Quantum QXCI Synergy
Stress detection and reduction achieved by a biofeedback loop using a computer interface

Telephone: 01229 584601

The QXCI has an accuracy founded in over twenty years of research into biofeedback and bio-energetic medicine. The QXCI is purely energetic and is designed to be relaxing, deep acting and totally non-invasive.

People commonly seek relief from conditions such as:
CHRONIC FATIGUE, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, ADDICTION, INSOMNIA, PAIN, or at times of transitions in our lives such as loss of employment, a loved one or undergoing divorce.

HOW IT WORKS: You get attached to the QXCI device through a headband, wrist and ankle straps, which are plugged into the computer software programme. They are magnetic and transmit communication between the computer programme and you to send healthy frequencies into a system.

The system looks through every cell, organ and tissue of your body in an attempt to detect and correct what is stressing your body. Stress can be caused by many things such as VIRUSES, ALLERGIES, HORMONAL IMBALANCES, NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, THYROID PROBLEMS or EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES. The Quantum QXCI can measure our life force and check our CHAKRAS.

The program interfaces with you through the magnetic straps and is able to send you healthy frequencies. Our bodies are electro-magnetic, so we easily utilize these frequencies and our body is stimulated to adapt and correct itself.
It can enhance your health at any level and help you to go beyond resolving problems to realising your potential and finding new meaning and direction in your life.

I was cured from a life threatening illness with the help of a Quantum machine operated by a practitioner at The Natural Health Centre in Ulverston.

Later he gave me his blessing and sourced one for me so I could use this wonderful therapeutic tool to help my clients.
He currently concentrates on a laser based cancer treatment.

About Me

I work informally while aiming to maintain appropriate boundaries.

I am a qualified homoeopath with 15 years of clinical experience and am a recently qualified counsellor. I have also undertaken extensive training in T.A psychodynamics.

I worked for some years in a health food shop, which gave me grounding in nutrition and supplements.
I have lived in Ulverston for 20 years.

I believe there is abundance and happiness there for us to access beyond our current limitations. I enjoy offering the benefit of my skills to clients as a way of achieving this.

Length of sessions:
Allow between 1 and a half to 2 hours
Cost: Consultation £20.00
Plus if indicated:      Homoeopathic remedies £2.50
Herbal tinctures 90ml £5.00
Flower Essences £2.50
Colloidal silver-anti-pathogen £3.00 500ml & £5.00 1000ml
Consultations for Homoeopathy or Counselling alone are also available.

How to find me: For those without satellite navigation I will be happy to meet you at an agreed place to guide you.

For enquiries or to arrange an appointment please call 01229 584601 or 07825134662