Budget Accommodation in London

london accommodation

There are plenty of reasons to visit London, a city that falls into the category of “the beyond” as the famously altered sign at Ulverston railway station declares.

Whether it’s a visit to a show, a football match, stag or hen weekend, or just a sightseeing tour, the most expensive part of a trip is usually the accommodation cost.

You can find budget priced hotel rooms, but the hotel location is usually some distance from central London (adding transport costs to expenses) and often the room quality is low. There is a budget priced alternative, often overlooked because of an outdated image of the accommodation available, we’re talking about Hostels.

If you don’t mind sharing, it is possible to book dormitory accommodation from £2 per night and private rooms are available from £3 per night. You are unlikely however to find such bargain prices
on the dates that you require and more realistic prices are £15 per night in a dorm or £30 per night in a private room. For dormitary accommodation, both mixed and single sex rooms are available.

Room and hostel quality is variable and obviously, you tend to get what you pay for, but with over 150 hostels in the capital, there’s a choice to suit every requirement and budget. In common with most accommodation types you can find plenty of reviews online, so pitfalls can be avoided and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re paying for before you book.